Advanced Bio-based New PA11 yarns 20D/24F DTY for Textiles

Advanced Bio-based New PA11 yarns 20D/24F DTY for Textiles

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Durable PA11 yarns for versatile applications
High-performance PA11 yarns for textile use
Eco-friendly PA11 yarns: the sustainable choice
PA11 yarns: strong, flexible, and lightweight
Innovative PA11 yarns for textile and fashion industries

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Product Name Nylon PA11 Yarn DTY
Usage Texitles, clothings, threads, knittings,webbings,weaving, high-grade garment and accessories ,trousers,embroidery,hats, T-shirts,
Yoga Suits, dressings, socks, shoes and so on.
SPEC. 20D/30D/40D/70D/140D/150D
Brand Name Ocean Star
Model Number 20D/14F
Color PMS Colors
Quality Grade AA

About This Item

PA11 has a wide range of applications, such as footwears, winter sports as skiing materials in the Winter Olympics, industrial fields and automobile industries. Now PA11 start to do textile field, and our company is to manufacture and provide PA11 yarns.
First of all, there’s a plant called Castor. After flowering and fruiting, the Castor seeds are produced, and then people converted them into Castor Oil. After a series of fission reactions, Amino 11 Monomer is extracted and then polymerized into PA11. So that's why we call PA11 to be a kind of Polymer, and it's 100% bio-based, also it's cycled. And Castor Plants are grown in the Gobi Desert, so they do not compete with other crops for food and are drought resistant and sustainable.The beans are collected when dry, and the oil is then extracted by crushing the beans. From the oil, Amino 11 monomer is synthesized, then polymerized and extruded into Polyamide 11 pellets. And then we spinning the Polyamide 11 pellets to yarns for textile usages.
From the perspective of environmental cycle, we know that castor bean is acturally a seed, plant it and more seeds grow. so it can be concluded that this is the circle of life.


Product Details

PA11 YARNS (3)
PA11 YARNS (1)
PA11 YARNS (2)


1.Anti-collision inner packaging
2. Carton outer packaging

3.Thermal insulation film packaging
4. Wood pallets


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