100% Nylon 11 FDY 70D/24F yarn for sewing thread

100% Nylon 11 FDY 70D/24F yarn for sewing thread

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In the pursuit of environmental sustainability, we bring you exciting news: we are proud to announce the launch of 100% bio-based yarns, an important step forward for a sustainable textile industry.

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Product Name Nylon PA11 Yarn FDY
Usage Texitles, clothings, threads, knittings,webbings,weaving, high-grade garment and accessories ,trousers,embroidery,hats, T-shirts,
Yoga Suits, dressings, socks, shoes and so on.
SPEC. 20D/70D/150D/210D/280D/420D
Brand Name Ocean Star
Model Number 70D/24F
Color RAW Color & PMS Colors
Quality Grade AA

About This Item

As the textile industry pays more and more attention to environmental protection issues, as an industry leader, we are well aware of our responsibilities and importance. In order to meet the increasingly strong environmental protection needs of consumers, we have continuously promoted innovation and developed this 100% bio-based yarn. The yarn is made entirely from renewable materials and does not contain any synthetic fibers that are harmful to the environment.
This bio-based yarn uses fibers from plant sources such as castor beans. These plant-based raw materials are natural and renewable, which not only reduces dependence on limited resources, but also reduces negative impact on the environment. Compared with traditional textiles, 100% bio-based yarns produce lower carbon emissions during the production process, which can significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
In addition, 100% bio-based yarns also offer excellent performance and quality. It is soft, comfortable, has good breathability and moisture absorption properties, and is ideal for making high-quality fabrics and textiles. This bio-based yarn serves a wide range of needs, from individual consumers to fashion brands, from home goods to sports gear.
We believe that the introduction of this 100% bio-based yarn will drive the entire textile industry towards a more environmentally friendly and sustainable future. By adopting bio-based materials, we can not only reduce environmental pollution, but also provide consumers with more environmentally friendly and meaningful choices.


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Nylon 11 FDY 70D24F yarn for sewing thread (3)
Nylon 11 FDY 70D24F yarn for sewing thread (1)
Nylon 11 FDY 70D24F yarn for sewing thread (2)


1.Anti-collision inner packaging
2. Carton outer packaging

3.Thermal insulation film packaging
4. Wood pallets


Supply Ability

50000 Kilogram/Kilograms per Year

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