Types of Taslan fabrics

Types of Taslan fabrics

List the types of Taslon fabrics
Taslon is a fabric woven from nylon filament and nylon air-textured yarn. The advantage is that it is not easy to fade and wrinkle. Hot melt yarn manufacturer – Yizheng Zhihe When it comes to Taslan fabrics, it can be divided into three main categories. They are jacquard Taslan, honeycomb Taslan and full matt Taslan. Next, we will also Let me give you a detailed analysis.

Semi Dull virgin nylon 11 yarn

Taslan fabrics are divided into three types:

jacquard taslan
It uses 70D nylon filament as the warp and 160D nylon air-variant yarn as the weft; the fabric design uses a double flat jacquard structure interlaced on a water-jet loom. While the fabric has a jacquard style, it is also more creative and has a better texture than ordinary Taslon. The width of the gray fabric is 165cm and the square meter weight is 158 grams. The current wholesale price in the market is generally 9.50 yuan/meter. There are many kinds of colors for sale in the mall, such as purple, grass green, light green and other colors. The thermal fuse manufacturer said that it can also customize jacquard “Taslan” in different colors and weights according to customer requirements. This kind of fabric is not easy to fade and wrinkle-free, and is very suitable for women to make suits, skirts and casual clothing.

Hive Taslon
The warp of this fabric is made of 70D nylon FDY, and the weft is made of 160D nylon air-variant yarn. The warp and weft density is 430 Grid-shaped, the gray fabric is first relaxed, scoured, alkali-reduced, dyed, and then softened and shaped. The characteristics of this kind of fabric are that it has relatively good breathability, feels very dry, and is relatively comfortable to wear. Not only used in suit skirts, but also in casual wear and children’s wear. Hot melt yarn manufacturers say that this kind of fabric is not only elegant to wear, but also has a harmonious luster when making adult tops. It is a fashionable fabric that people are pursuing.

Fully matted Taslan
The warp of this fabric is made of fully matted 70D nylon-6FDY yarn, and the weft is made of fully matted 160D nylon air variant yarn. This fabric has a wide range of applications. It can not only make men’s and women’s sportswear and casual wear, but also children’s clothing and school uniforms. And other clothing. The most outstanding features are comfort to wear, good warmth retention and good breathability. The price is relatively affordable, very suitable for people’s consumption, and has been well received by the people. In addition, this product can also use a special coating process to make the hand feel softer and the color brighter.

The above are the related types of Taslan fabrics compiled and released by Yizhengzhihe, a manufacturer of thermal fuse wires, mainly the above parts. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

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